The Church of St. Michael at Pälkäne

The Excact construction year of the old church at Pälkäne is unknown, but it is likely to have been completed just at the end of the 15th century. In 1506, the church was provided with two wooden sculptures which nowadays are preserved at the National Museum. The church was never vaulted with bricks, but the ceiling was made of wood. On the western gable there can still be seen an interesting painted decoration. In the south-eastern corner of the church area, by the old road, there was a wooden belfary which was later torn down.
In wartime, 1713, the church was robbed, and it took decades before it was restored, At this time a book printer, Daniel Medelplan, who lived in the area as a refugee, carved printing plates of wood for an ABC book in 1719. A memorial stone for Medelplan has been placed outside the church. In 1836-39, a new church was built and the old one was left to fall into decay. Measures to repair the church ruins were first initiated in the 1930’s and continued in the 1950’s. After the reparation plans have been completed, this extraordinary ruin church will be kept as a monument for the work and spirit of past generations.